Need Rimage Printer Support or Repair Service?

Our technicians have over 15 years experience repairing, refurbishing and supporting Rimage printers, loaders and disc publishers. Call us today @ 1-800-295-0083 or fill out the form to the right for more details and professional assistance.

Our repair process is simple!

*If you have an Everest II, III or 600 printer we require that you send in your current CMY ribbon and transfer ribbon for testing with your printer. Failure to send in a ribbon set that is least ½ full will result in an additional $175 charge (Everest printers only). We need your ribbon to best replicate your issues and for extensive test printing after the repair is completed.

Quick Tip – We can repair Rimage Printers and Duplicators that are around 10 years old, but it may make sense to look at buying a more modern refurbished Rimage system. Maybe even renting during your peak production times. After all, we are here to help offer the best value solution for your individual needs.

We repair all kinds of Rimage equipment daily


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